Welcome to the future of vehicle dismantling with Hyundai and Powerhand

Together with our partners at Powerhand, Taylor & Braithwaite have for the previous two years being product testing a Vehicle Recycling System (VRS) in combination with Hyundai excavators. We believe we now have the perfect package to offer our existing and new customers.

Traditional manual methods of removing high value materials from ELVs can be labour intensive and costly, in many cases making the process economically unviable. Although a four-tine scrap grab will allow extraction of the engine, much of the added value materials are left behind, resulting in the end of life vehicle dismantler missing out on great potential profit.

Like a vulture would dissect its prey, the VRS clamp arms pin down the vehicle to allow the grapple to systematically pull the valuable materials away from the lower value vehicle body shell. The knife blades on the clamp arms of the VRS 200 allow engine and transmission assemblies to be split from the engine block.

The Powerhand VRS is the ultimate combination of power and dexterity. The grapple features a slender, plier like shape providing an unbroken line of sight from the operator to the vehicle, allowing valuable materials like the copper wiring loom to be extracted from even the tightest of areas. High power hydraulic cylinders and high torque rotation unit gives the VRS the power to effortlessly dissect the vehicle.

We understand that in a demanding, fast paced industry, productivity is paramount. That’s why the VRS is built to work, all day, every day. Manufactured 100% from high strength Swedish alloy steels, meaning you can maximise your profits without the worry of downtime.

The three options listed below offer the perfect solution for all budgets. Contact one of our sales team to discuss these option in more detail.