Here at Taylor & Brathwaite our customers are at the heart of our business. Please read some of the testimonials below to find out a little bit more…

We chose to buy from Taylor & Braithwaite again, because we previously used T&B and received excellent customer service from them. They went above and beyond by being available to come on site when we needed them and to help when required.

 We are again, very happy with the items and service they provided and we would absolutely buy from them in future. The excellent customer service they offer, gives us confidence in them and the staff at Taylor and Braithwaite are always keen to help, which mirrors our own attitude.

We don’t just consider them a supplier, like all of the organisations and team we work with, we consider them an extension of our own team.

- E. Swale, Outdoor Activity Centre Manager, Center Parks

Having been very pleased with my previous Hyundai machines, I was delighted to purchase the Hyundai HX140 L. I have always found Taylor & Braithwaite a very friendly company to deal with, and I am very happy with the service that they provide.

- Gary Mayson, Mayson Bros Managing Director

We chose Taylor & Braithwaite because they were recommended. Also the warranty package and the overall value for money made them a great option.

We have been very satisfied with the machines and they have definitely lived up to our expectations. I have been in the business over 40 years and they really are second to none, as was the service we received.

- Mick Teale, owner of MJ Teale