Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe introduces the HL975A CVT wheel loader

The Hyundai HL975A CVT (continuously variable transmission) is the first Hyundai wheel loader that combines the benefits of a traditional automatic transmission and a hydrostatic transmission in one machine. The new wheel loader forms part of Hyundai’s, award-winning, A-series machines that comply with the European stage V emission levels, offering near zero emissions.

A range of new technologies have been incorporated into this new model which greatly improves fuel efficiency, keeps harmful emissions to a minimum and delivers the maximum power and performance needed for heavy-duty work in tough conditions. Customers can also expect increased productivity, better safety, more convenience, and improved uptime management.

CVT – the new power generation
The state-of-the-art ZF CVT-transmission offers optimised power matching, continually changing the ratios of hydraulic to mechanical energy, depending on load and speed, to keep the engine in a low rpm range and offer smooth, seamless acceleration. During deceleration, the CVT acts as a brake, reducing wear on the service brake and prolonging the life of the axle oil.

Optimised productivity and efficiency
Compared to conventional transmission, the variable transmission delivers fuel savings up to 30% depending on application, without any sacrifice in performance or power. Traction control, intelligent inching, and automatic differential lock management help to scope with various conditions. The operator will experience a fast and smooth acceleration over the full speed range and superior traction.
Hyundai’s sophisticated onboard weighing system technology is also integrated as standard on this machine and additional control, monitoring and maintenance features help to optimise daily performance and productivity.

Tough and durable for a reliable return on your investment
Hyundai have prioritised durability throughout the development of the HL975A CVT, from design and manufacturing to quality control. All systems have been optimised for endurance and tested rigorously on a range of work sites – the result is a robust, reliable workhorse that minimises downtime for repairs and maintenance and helps Hyundai’s customers protect their profits.

Safety – creating a safe working environment
Operating confidence is improved by technologies that provide a feeling of safety and stability – this wheel loader adds to the productivity and peace of mind by helping to ensure an accident-free worksite.
The machine comes with optional extra safety features like the AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) system, which secures the field of 360° vision in all directions by offering nine views. This system also includes IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection). In addition, the HL975A CVT also comes with an optional radar system which detects obstacles behind the machine day and night, with no blind spots. The distance between the obstacle and the loader is displayed on the secondary monitor.
For increased safety audible and visible alert functions have been included to encourage the operator to wear the seatbelt, reducing the risk of serious accidents for operators using the machines. Another feature is the emergency stop switch, which shuts the engine down immediately using an emergency stop switch located at the base of the seat.

Cab comfort designed with the operator in mind
Most heavy equipment operators work long days. Keeping operators happy and comfortable is important to help eliminate downtime – a comfortable cab keeps the operator in the seat longer! Hyundai’s HL975A CVT offers an improved operating experience with cab comforts that are better than ever. Hyundai designed the HL975A CVT cabin to be a productive, stress-free working environment – it’s both comfortable and spacious and features state-of-the-art noise and vibration reduction technology, achieving a sound level of only 70 dB, one of the lowest in this machine category. An optional remote door control allows operators to open the cabin door remotely while standing safe at ground level.
The comfortable air suspension seat comes with heating as standard and both the seat and armrest are fully adjustable for added operator comfort. The seven-inch touchscreen monitor is optimised to provide quick, easy access to machine status and monitoring information in real time. Also included is an audio system with a Bluetooth radio, USB and AUX input.

Reducing downtime with Hyundai’s Hi-MATE
All A-series wheel loaders will incorporate several new service features that have been developed and tested with the aim of improving machine uptime. The HL975A CVT is designed to make maintenance as convenient as possible. The engine hood opens wide to provide easy access for cleaning and routine tasks. All components and materials have been optimised to ensure a long, troublefree life.
Machine diagnostics is an important feature on modern-day machines. Hyundai’s Hi-MATE is a remote management system that gives access, no matter where the location, to vital service and diagnostic information for Hyundai machines. MCD (Machine Connected Diagnostics) enables the user to gather and analyse various data on the machine’s performance – resulting in more uptime.
ECD (Engine Connected Diagnostics) will support the After Sales technicians and dealers with a diagnostics report (via e-mail, mobile, app or Hi-MATE, HCE’s own telematic system) on the engine performance. This results in an improved engine fault code monitoring and will ensure that the After Sales technicians arrive on site with the necessary tools to fix the error in one visit.
The report generated by Hi-MATE allows improved fleet management by sending monthly e-mail reports including a summary of the operation and the fuel consumption analysis.
Hyundai’s new Mobile Fleet app provides all the information you need to run your fleet efficiently and economically. Based on telematics, this advanced solution uses simple graphics and key performance data for smart fleet management.

H975A CVT Technical Specifications
Engine: Optimized Stage V Cummins X12
Gross Power: 335HP (250kW) at 2,100rpm
Net Power: 331HP (247kW) at 2,100rpm
Max Power: 381HP (284kW) at 1,800rpm
Operating Weight: 26,500 kg (58,425 lb)
Bucket Capacity: 4.6 ~ 5.2 m³

New Cummins engine platform
New CVT transmission
Modified cabin interior & operator controls
Remote door control (optional)
AAVM camera system (optional) & Rear Radar Detection (optional)
New engine hood design
Structural & driveline improvement

Stage V compliant and environmentally friendly
Fuel efficient, productivity
Excellent operator comfort: more comfort & less fatigue
Improved safety and visibility
Improved uptime & productivity