On track for ten year return

The Hyundai 480LC-9A (purchased in June 2018) pictured on a Pete Marquis Construction demolition site. Inset Kevin Bell, Taylor & Braithwaite Sales Manager, pictured alongside company founder and MD Pete Marquis

When Pete Marquis Contractors purchase heavy construction excavators, they fully expect their machines to be in operation for a full ten years, before they consider replacing.

This expectation remained in place when they decided to purchase their first Hyundai machine back in 2014 from Cumbrian Dealer Taylor & Braithwaite, and five years on, Pete reports they are on track to achieve their goal and are delighted with the performance and reliability of this first Hyundai purchase as well as the subsequent 18 Hyundai machines supplied by Taylor & Braithwaite.

Pete Marquis Contractors are based in Preston, Lancashire and were established in 1991 by Managing Director Pete Marquis. The firm now boasts a team of more than 60 employees, and from the company’s modest beginnings, working on agriculture projects in the local Flyde area, the business has now expanded into civil engineering, demolition and waste management including asbestos removal.

Continuous trouble with one of the company’s 22 tonne machines from a rival manufacturer during a project in 2014, led Pete and his team to the Hyundai R220LC-9A following a successful on-site demonstration. “I like everything about the Hyundai machines,” advised Pete. “The lads love them too! The fuel economy, the brake out power, the reliability, in fact there’s nothing not to like. As a general rule we purchase a machine or a wagon per month. On the machine side we will continue to buy Hyundai. The backup service we get from Taylor and Braithwaite is second to none.

Pete continued: “We fully expect to maximise on our initial outlay for excavators, and that they will be operation for a full ten years with minimal downtime. The 22 tonne machine we purchased back in 2014 is an absolute workhorse, and is showing no signs of wear and tear. I am confident this machine will still be in operation in 2024 and beyond and that all the other Hyundai machines we have in our fleet will be no different.”

With local engineers in place close to Pete Marquis Construction’s base in Preston, Taylor & Braithwaite can react quickly to any service issues, ensuring maximum up-time of the excavators, supporting Pete and his team throughout the life time of his machines.

This same level of service influenced Pete and his team’s decision to purchase a Maximus 409 Scalper from Taylor & Braithwaite back in 2016.

Pete added: “When you find a supplier you can trust, have a high level of after sales service and support, machine reliability, with excellent warranty packages, it makes absolute business sense to work together when your machine requirements change. Therefore I was delighted when Taylor & Braithwaite became a supplier not only offering Hyundai excavators, but supply crushing, screening and re-cycling equipment. After some minor initial teething problems we are also delighted with our Maximus 409 scalper and fully expect this bit of kit to last well beyond 2026.