Hyundai HX180L with
Powerhand VRS200

Combine the Hyundai HX180L excavator with VRS200 (Vehicle Recycling System) Grapple and Clamp Arm System to increase profitability by quickly removing higher grade materials such as engine transmission assemblies, axle/suspension components from lower grade vehicle body materials.
Hold down and clamp vehicles using the machine mounted clamp arms.
Use the grapple, engine clamp and central shear to separate ferrous/nonferrous metals from the engine, cylinder head
and gearbox assemblies.
Robust enough to handle heavy materials, yet the nimble jaws of the grapple allow easy removal of wiring looms, starter
motors and alternators. Once the valuable wiring loom has been removed, use the multi-tool to strip off any unwanted
electrical components.
High torque rotation unit.
Manufactured from high strength Swedish alloy steel.

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Powerhand VRS200